Solve low memory warnings on ios 4.2.1 for ipad launch of apple iOS 4.2.1 was heartily welcomed for its features that are commendable with the iOS 4. These features include multi tasking, quick app switching, and a joined mailbox which is a first time feature in an iPad. The new features were picked by the wide customer base enthusiastically. Since the device has been ardently used for its multitasking feature, it faces the problems related to the low memory which is just 256 MB.

This drawback can be a major concern of the users as the multitasking can though be sidelined by the user if it will come to the memory issues. Whenever a user faces these issues related to low memory, the message will flash on his screen reading: your device is running low on memory. Now if anyone has used the iPhone 4, he will clearly be able to demarcate the difference between both. iPhone 4 has got built in large memory which is twice as much as iPad iOS 4.2.1, around 512 MB.

Such a user may not be happy with the reduced memory function of the new iPad.The supporting fact is the easy functioning of the iPad that can retain the customer with the device. Still memory concerns cannot be ignored for a long term future with the iPad.he experts suggest that the easiest way to get over this problem of memory warnings is by being the master over the applications. Thus you will be able to find out the loops that extract major part of the memory space. Just keep in mind a few points:

 Before the game is launched, all the apps that are suspended should be closed. This will release a large chunk of memory space from the system.2. Especially when you see that your iPad is a hard reset then should always close the applications that are suspended and restart the system. 3. This is a noted point that a true iOS will not be reset unless all the suspended applications are closed in the task manager before restarting it. If the restart is done from a crashed state then the applications need to be closed only even after the iPad re-starts and again the system re start should be initiated.
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